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Our Team

Mary Sutphen

President & Co-Founder

Mary Sutphen is an adoptive mom who has traveled and participated in sponsorship programs within various countries of Latin America. She has been doing humanitarian work in Guatemala since 2003.   Over the years, Mary has been active  in medical missions and service projects, as well as homeland trips for her children to visit friends and family.   These trips have led to a love and appreciation for the people and country of Guatemala and a recognition of the needs of those living in poorer economic and social situations. Mary believes in the potential contained within each one of us, that with the proper opportunities, can lead to dreams fulfilled.   

Andrew Sutphen

Vice President & Co-Founder

Andrew Sutphen is a Latin American adoptee, who started humanitarian work in Guatemala since 2005. He has actively participated in medical missions and service trips. As a hairstylist in New York City, Andrew has donated his time and expertise at an orphanage as well as with others in local communities. During his most frequent service trips, he started looking at ways to give back further. As a millennial himself, Andrew sees the potential and growth that can be made within a community that has been brought together. He believes that when proper goods and services are available, creativity will flourish, and jobs will expand.

Joshua Muñoz

Vice President & Co-Founder

Joshua Muñoz, the oldest of four children, went into institutional care when he was 5 years old. Having had a very difficult childhood, he grew up at the orphanage until he left at 19 years old. Facing the world on his own, was the most difficult challenge in his life, having no support at all and no one to care about him, he ended up facing the worst part of his life in the streets. After two years, his life changed.  As he started a family with Vivian Hernandez, he searched for a better future, and decided to work as a translator, and tourism guide.  Joshua met Mary Sutphen in May 2015, and the dream of helping others that were suffering and going through difficult times began. His experience of having lived in a violent and dangerous area, and having the ability to recognize families with the most need, assists Dream Steps International in helping people in underprivileged areas around Guatemala.

Matthew Sutphen 


Matthew Sutphen is an adoptive dad who, having been in the country of Guatemala, witnessed first hand, the need for hope among the children in the poorer areas of the country. Matthew would like to see opportunities lead to exponential growth of positive change within the country of Guatemala.

Vivan Hernandez 

Asst. Treasurer

Vivian’s life was changed when she was placed in orphanage care at age 6, after suffering a huge tragedy with the death of her father.  Living at the same orphanage as Joshua, it was inevitable for them to be together. Vivian’s dream is to be an accountant and to help others who suffer the same way she did.

Nancy West

Advisory Board

Nancy West is a Registered Nurse who has been involved with medical and service missions in Guatemala since 2003. She has been involved with Dream Steps International since the very first conversations while in Guatemala in May 2015 as a member of The Dream Team service trip. Nancy believes that Dream Steps International will make dreams come true for both orphans and the underprivileged of Guatemala.

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